Rothko Disco

Installation 2008, 3 minute 16mm film loop projected onto Mark Rothko print 55cmx 65cm, overall dimensions variable

Colour field film projected onto appropriated colour field painting, a blasphemous, irreverent examination of the mythology and mystique surrounding certain artists as well as that of certain techniques and processes. This piece works with the myth of celluloid at the same time as the quasi-religious fervour surrounding Rothko.

The film is shot to exactly match the format of the image so at times it gives an uncanny depth to the image - perhaps extending Rothko's spiritual intentions, but as it accelerates into stroboscopic psychedelia it starts to refer to the pop and op-art movements; the movements which detracted from Rothko's late achieved and seminal position within the New York art scene.

The look and sound of the film projector add a further nostalgic dimension to the piece